Sunday, July 10, 2011

Opening my Mission Call

When my call arrived in the mail I was in Lake Powell with my family and some of my friends.  I called my neighbors the Hellsterns to see if my call had come.  Berkly ran over and said it was here.  So here I was in Lake Powell 8 hrs away.  We all started to try to figure a way out to get it.  I called a bunch of my friends to see if they could dive it down to me but no one could.  My call came on a Wednesday and I had to wait until Sunday morning to open it.  I invited a few of my friends while I opened it.  I was so nervous I could hardly read it.  Earlier that morning my sister-in-law, Mckenzie, said she had a dream that I was going to Peru.   When I read in the letter where I was going sure enough I was called to serve in the Cichlayo, Peru mission.  I was so happy and excited.  The only problem is I have to wait until October 26th.

I'm so nervous
I can hardly read this
I'm going to Peru