Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Love this place more and more every week

Familia! Sounds like everything is great at home. That's cool that it finally snowed some! Peru is great. I really do feel like I love this place more and more everyweek. The people here are amazing. i love the families we talk to. We have 3 solid investigator's. We got a huge Book of Mormon for the guy that can't really see good. He was so excited haha. He's the man. And we have another girl that is married and has a 3 year old kid and she has come to church the last 2 weeks! Ahh it was so awesome. She really just wants to raise her kid with good standards and that's why I think she is interested. We've only taught her once though and we have another girl that has a ton of problems with her husband..whos not really her husbands cause they arent marriend but they have 3 kids. I am so excited to watch this gospel bless and chaange their lives. They're some people here that really don't have much at all but are happy because of this gospel. I really like my area. It has a way rich part and a pretty poor part. Elder Zepeda is the man. My spanish is coming pretty good! I've learned that just reading the Libro de Mormon is the best way to learn it. It's helped a ton. We eat with the members 2 times a week. we eat lunch with them on Saturdays and Sundays. Holy cow, they give us sooooo much food. I want to die every time. I can eat so much though now haha. But I'm still a twig i feel like....stupid. I love you guys! I'm going to try and send a package home soon! Ask me any questions that you want to ask me! The church is truer then.....everything! dont forget!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Crazy taxi cab drivers

Hey mom and dad! I'm feeling better about my mission. That's just a testimony that Jesus Christ lives. I know that he listens to our prayers. This week was a way good week. I had to give a 10 min talk yesterday about missionary work....haha i talked for 12 min. I just wrote my my whole talk down and didn't really look up once hahahaha. It was a good experience for me. We also had 3 investigators show up at church too! ahh it was amazing. We have one golden investigator named Anival. He's like 80 and he loves everything he's heard so far. His eye sight is bad though and he can't read small letters so he can't read the Book of Mormon....ahhh I was so sad, but I think Elder Zepeda and I are going to buy him on of those huge family Book of Mormons. We was able to provide some service this week and helped paint house. It was way cool. We teach like 1 or 2 lessons a day but we had some way good days were we teach 3 or 4! This area is one of the toughest in the mission. But I don't mind it! I have a new Macy! (Macy is one of Brady's favorite neighbor kids at home) haha shes the bomb. Shes 6 and her names Ina. She is the grandchild of our pensonista (or our cook). The roads are crazy here, I guarantee I get hit by a car these next 2 years. I want to be a Peru taxi drive when I grow up cause it's honestly like playing Mario kart all day. They are crazy! I've fallen in love with the Book of Mormon. I wish I read it so much more before my mission. I know it would have helped me so much. I got your package and I loved it so much! The candy was amazing. My comp loved the nerds so if you ever send another package soon send nerds! I loved the Ensign. I have seriously read almost every talk already haha. I love you guys sooo much. I know that Jesus Christ lives! Don't worry about me! Sounds like everything is good back home. I love you guys!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Breast feeding worries & dogs in sacrament meeting

I'm doing way good. Today we went and did this hike onto some old ancient pyramid. it was pretty cool but ridiculously hot. ha ha oh my. This last week was alright. i was having a pretty tough time earlier in the week. i just felt completely useless with my Spanish and was having a way tough time feeling like this is where I'm supposed to be. I got a huge answer to my prayers yesterday and I know that this is where I'm supposed to be! :) I love this place right now. everything here is so chill and relaxed. The people here are amazing. my comp is the man. he's such a good missionary. This place is pretty funny though hahaha. Girls just start breast feeding when we are teaching them all the time. I don't know how many people I've seen breastfeeding. I hate it. ha ha. And dogs in sacrament meeting hahhaha. I don't understand some of the stuff I see. I love it though. i have to give a 10 min talk in sacrament meeting next week....not excited haha. It's gunna be funny. This area is a little tougher to find people to teach. We have taught only like 3 people more then once. I don't know if any are progressing haha. one guy is the man though. He's this old guy and loves what we have to say but he cant read. So he cant read the Book of Mormon. The food has been pretty good though! The spanish is improving every day. I love you guys! I haven't received your package yet but hopefully tomorrow! love you guys!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Post Brady Made it to the field

It was way nice to talk to you guys the other night! Its good to know you guys still have voices haha. New years was way good! The family we live with invited us to a dinner they had at 11. it was way good. just chicken and empinadas. And then at 12 we snuck out on top of the roof because the zone leaders said we could and watched the fireworks. ahhh they were sweet. They were everywhere. that's what everybody does is fireworks during new years. It felt like a war zone haha. Yesterday was way good too! We went to church and they invited us to bare out testimony haha. it was way scary cause the mission pres was there. But i just said what i could! It was fun haha. Everybody here is way nice and just wants to help me with my Spanish. The members are way strong. We ate lunch at a members house after church. The food was wayyyy good. And then we just went knocking doors after and another member invited us in and made us eat more haha. It was good though too! And then we had a meeting with our zone and ate food and watched the RM haha. Today has been pretty chill too. All the missionaries that live pretty close to each other met at a church and we played soccer on this way little cement court hhaha. it was fun though! And then we went to the market which is huuuugggeeee. Holy cow haha. And now we are in a little internet cafe! I love this place! The people are way nice. Ive only been here like 5 days and it feels like home. The weather is pretty hot though right now haha. But i am way thankful to be here! i cant wait to watch investigators start progressing and watch this amazing gospel bless their lives. My Spanish is getting a ton better every day. I cant believe how much ive learned in 2 months. Thank you all for the emails! i love you guys!!!