Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brady sent this Email after his first full week in the Peru MTC

Im still alive! I still haven't got any letters or anything yet cause i takes about a week and we only get them on Wednesdays. it sucks ha ha. the rules are way strict here. The first couple of days here were waaayyyy long! But now they are getting faster! Soccer is way fun and way funny. My Latino comp is way good! They take it so seriously though its way funny. The weather here is way nice! its usually cloudy in the morning and a little chili but it gets way nice! they call Chiclayo the city of everlasting summer....haha so i guess its way hot there. I found out that we might get to wear hats on our mission cause of the sun hahahahahah. I was
so excited when i found out. Im getting a big sumbero or something. We are in the sun a lot already here so im pretty excited to start working on my farmers tan! The food is alright! I really can eat whatever they put in front of me know! It was way tough at first but I can down it like a boss now! We have had a ton of rice and chicken haha. But we we've had fish and some other weird stuff too! We have a American comaƱero and a Latino compaƱero. Im only with my Latino comp during when we eat and stuff though. Its way funny trying to talk with them. They talk so fast its ridiculous. Its crazy. Im so excited to get out on the mission though! Its gonna be awesome. This place has already been way humbling. Some of these guys seriously have nothing but are still out here. One of the elders in my room is straight out of the jungle. i love them all though. They are so funny and so nice. Today is our pday. We get to go to the temple soon and get to go walk out around the town after. Im soooo excited! its gonna be awesome. I really can not wait to get out and share this amazing gospel with everyone though! Its gonna be awesome! 5 more weeks! Sounds like everything is going good back home though! I love you guys!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brady sent this Email the day after he arived at the Peru MTC

hola!! this is so weird and crazy here. haha last night was ridiculous. we get off the plane there are all these Peruvian people just waiting for people. we could barely walk there were so many. we rode the a bus to the ccm (MTC) and it was like an hour. everybody was just in awe cause we are finally here. way weird. the food is a little different but pretty good. we just ate lunch. but they didn't tell us that you had to eat all of the food or you cant leave ha ha. it was tough cause i got too much food and seriously was gagging trying to just down it. i have a Latino comp and a American one cause we aren't in the same classroom as the Latinos because they are only here for 3 weeks. i have barely talked to the Latino one though ha ha its tough. my American is pretty cool though! i sat by him on the plane. i had a pretty good discussion with a peruvian girl i sat next to. she spoke English cause she lives in the u.s. but she was pretty interested! i wanted to give her my book of Mormon but they were my leather ones so i didn't. i wish i did though. all we have done today is a bunch of paper work and we all had a one on one meeting with the mission president of the ccm. hes a pretty cool guy. i guess they are a lot more strict on rules here. but that's OK! i really am so excited to get out into the field though. it will be awesome. we get like a 6 hour break now cause we didn't get here till like 1 last night so we can take naps or do whatever. i think we might play some soccer so im way excited. it was way nice talking to you guys yesterday though. it sounds like you are all doing way good. im excited to get back in the missionary zone though and start studying a learning. its funny trying to communicate with the Latinos elders. i love it ha ha. ill try and send home some pictures next time though because i forgot to bring my camera to the computers. the buildings are pretty nice here. the showers are way nice. this has definably been the toughest part of my mission so far. i think its just a culture shock though and hopefully it will be over soon! i hated the plane ride cause there was nothing to do but think! i know everything will get better though and this place will start feeling like home. i got 6 weeks here! im doing great though so don't worry about me! i love you guys!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Brady sent this Email his last day in the Provo MTC

its been hard to concentrate these last few days because i cant stop thinking that ill be in peru way soon. this is my last day in the u.s. for 2 years....way weird! i really hope that i get a native comp in the peru mtc cause i want to learn spanish way bad. i loved my district but im kinda glad to get away from them cause they are to loud. i kinda wonder why some of them are on missions haha but they are cool! i hope me and my comp are at least in the same district in the peru mtc! i guess you can still dear elder why im there too :) what have you guys been up too? thats way cool that barbs and jordyn came to church with you guys again! i love news like that. it reminds me why im here and gives me such motivation! thanks for the package! i loved it! i don't know what im gunna do with all the candy though haha. well i love you! ill talk to you tomorrow!!! THE MISSIONARIES IN THE PICTURE ARE ELDER SMITH, MARTIN, LARSEN, & NYMAN.