Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Third week in the Peru MTC AWESOME letter

Wuzzzz uppp fam! So we got to go tracting this last Saturday! it was out of control! I was with my Latino comp so it was amazing. We drove like an hour away from the mtc to the Lima central mission. Me and my comp were put in a area right on the ocean. it was so legit. oh my i loved it. The people are so funny its ridiculous. EVERYBODY is catholic. They all come to the door with their shirts off and come up with the biggest lies ever of why they cant talk to us haha. its so funny. i love it though. My comp (elder torres) was the biggest stud ever. i respect that kid so much. We had a couple of really good lessons with some people. I really realized how much Spanish i have learned here. I kinda knew what was going on. I talked some too in the lessons! i would always contact the people and try to get them to talk to us but as soon as they said something i couldn't understand i would just look at elder torres and he would go to work. The Gift of tongues is so real though. I was spitting Spanish i had no idea how i knew. I'm so stoked to get out there. The houses were not so bad though. It was a lot better then i thought i would be, but i guess that was cause it was on the ocean and there is a lot more money on the beach. it sucked seeing the ocean and not be able to go play in it haha. we tracted for about 4 hours though. Elder Torres left yesterday. It was so sad. Hes going to Mexico. I loved that kid. He was so nice and helped me with my spanish so much. I get a new latino comp today though so I'm pretty pumped on that! I love my teachers though they are so nice and all so sincere. It really is such a blessing to be here at the Peru ccm! it is preparing me so much better. i can not wait to get out to Chiclayo though and start preaching this gospel! It is a perfect gospel! Everything is so perfect about it! Today we get to go on a tour of Lima! Its only Americans cause all the Latinos left yesterday! I'm so excited! And then we get to play soccer tonight under the lights! I'm soooo excited haha. Soccer is so fun. Ive gotten a lot better since I've been here! That's awesome that Macy got baptized! I wish I was there! I love the pictures Mckell sent me though! mom you don't have to send the coat yet cause its way warm haha and i don't even know if ill ever need it! i miss the snow way bad haha. i wanna go skiing! Brod and beau you guys better go a ton for me and get good so we can all go together when i get back! I love you guys though! God bless
Elder martin

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