Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brady sent this Email after his first full week in the Peru MTC

Im still alive! I still haven't got any letters or anything yet cause i takes about a week and we only get them on Wednesdays. it sucks ha ha. the rules are way strict here. The first couple of days here were waaayyyy long! But now they are getting faster! Soccer is way fun and way funny. My Latino comp is way good! They take it so seriously though its way funny. The weather here is way nice! its usually cloudy in the morning and a little chili but it gets way nice! they call Chiclayo the city of everlasting summer....haha so i guess its way hot there. I found out that we might get to wear hats on our mission cause of the sun hahahahahah. I was
so excited when i found out. Im getting a big sumbero or something. We are in the sun a lot already here so im pretty excited to start working on my farmers tan! The food is alright! I really can eat whatever they put in front of me know! It was way tough at first but I can down it like a boss now! We have had a ton of rice and chicken haha. But we we've had fish and some other weird stuff too! We have a American comaƱero and a Latino compaƱero. Im only with my Latino comp during when we eat and stuff though. Its way funny trying to talk with them. They talk so fast its ridiculous. Its crazy. Im so excited to get out on the mission though! Its gonna be awesome. This place has already been way humbling. Some of these guys seriously have nothing but are still out here. One of the elders in my room is straight out of the jungle. i love them all though. They are so funny and so nice. Today is our pday. We get to go to the temple soon and get to go walk out around the town after. Im soooo excited! its gonna be awesome. I really can not wait to get out and share this amazing gospel with everyone though! Its gonna be awesome! 5 more weeks! Sounds like everything is going good back home though! I love you guys!

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