Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Post Brady Made it to the field

It was way nice to talk to you guys the other night! Its good to know you guys still have voices haha. New years was way good! The family we live with invited us to a dinner they had at 11. it was way good. just chicken and empinadas. And then at 12 we snuck out on top of the roof because the zone leaders said we could and watched the fireworks. ahhh they were sweet. They were everywhere. that's what everybody does is fireworks during new years. It felt like a war zone haha. Yesterday was way good too! We went to church and they invited us to bare out testimony haha. it was way scary cause the mission pres was there. But i just said what i could! It was fun haha. Everybody here is way nice and just wants to help me with my Spanish. The members are way strong. We ate lunch at a members house after church. The food was wayyyy good. And then we just went knocking doors after and another member invited us in and made us eat more haha. It was good though too! And then we had a meeting with our zone and ate food and watched the RM haha. Today has been pretty chill too. All the missionaries that live pretty close to each other met at a church and we played soccer on this way little cement court hhaha. it was fun though! And then we went to the market which is huuuugggeeee. Holy cow haha. And now we are in a little internet cafe! I love this place! The people are way nice. Ive only been here like 5 days and it feels like home. The weather is pretty hot though right now haha. But i am way thankful to be here! i cant wait to watch investigators start progressing and watch this amazing gospel bless their lives. My Spanish is getting a ton better every day. I cant believe how much ive learned in 2 months. Thank you all for the emails! i love you guys!!!

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  1. Glad to see that Elder Martin is useing his soccer skills!